Is Exclusion a Form of Bullying?

March 3, 2016
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Cody Simpson

Social Exclusion in schools is increasingly being recognized as bullying. As a form bullying, social exclusion is when a child feels alone or left out because of the manipulation of their peer relationships and social status.

Examples of Social Exclusion:

Leaving someone out on purpose Telling other students not to be friends with someone Embarrassing someone in public when someone tries to approach the group.

So here are a few ways that you can help put a stop to social exclusion in your school. Facilitate friendships with other students that may have similar interests. Provide increased adult supervision during unstructured time such as during recess, in the cafeteria and on the bus. Provide team “jobs” for the students to get to know one another.
Plan a “Mix It Up” Day at lunch where all students get to know others. Role play different scenarios (examples below) with students and discuss how students may feel if it was happening to them.

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