• Defeat the Label’s School Programs

    Defeat the Label is pleased to offer a variety of programs to meet your schools unique needs. From exciting, interactive assemblies for your whole school to working with small groups of students in the classroom setting or working with parents and educators– we can help.

    Our programs, events and assemblies for schools are geared to teach students how to empower themselves, stand up against bullying and put an end to the bystander effect. Defeat the Label staff will work with individual schools to address any current issues within the school environment.

    While our Upstander program is currently only available for middle and high school aged students, our In Your School, Parent Programs and Train the Trainer are available for all ages. Contact us today to see which Defeat the Label program best meets your needs and is best suited for your student body.


  • Stand4Change Day

    Take part in Defeat the Label’s yearly call to action at your own school while joining millions of students around the globe, to physically take a stand against bullying in the classroom.

  • Upstander Program

    A year long in school program that brings the issue of bullying to the forefront of students social consciousness and empowers them to create a safe and bully free school.

  • In Your School

    Help students learn to identify the difference between bullying and teasing, ways to recognize bullying and learn effective intervention skills with Defeat the Label’s In Your School Tour!

  • Train the Trainer

    Designed for young adults that work closely with children, Defeat the Label will train your group to recognize bullying and how to respond appropriately if a bullying situation occurs.

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  • Questions and Answers
    Where are the programs offered?

    Defeat the Label’s Upstander and In Your School Tour are currently only offered in Central and Southeast Michigan. Stand4Change Day is available throughout the globe!

    How much do the programs cost?

    With great thanks to our generous supporters, the In Your School Tour is currently available at no cost to school. Train the Trainer and Parent Programs are available for a small fee. The Upstander Program, is a fee based program- Please contact us for more information.

    What if I'm located outside of Michigan?

    Unfortunately at this point we are unable to offer the In Your School Tour and the Upstander Program to schools outside of Central and Southeast Michigan. You can however, bring Stand4Change Day to your school. Please visit our School Programs page to learn more!

    How many students can I have participate?

    The In Your School Tour can be presented to individual grade levels or through a whole school assembly. The Upstander Program is designed to train a small section of your school community.

  • Student Participants
    • Upstander Program - Students in SE Michigan3500 - Students
    • In Your School Tour15000 - Students
    • Stand4Change Day 20154234200 - Students
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