Stand4Change Day

May 4, 2016

Defeat the Label was created to help students take a stand against bullying in their schools and communities. From the beginning, one of our main goals was to host an annual event where students would have the opportunity to physically take a stand in their own schools and provide them with the opportunity to be able to say, “I am choosing to be an Upstander, versus a bystander” and show their friends, families and classmates, how they felt.

However, with so many students around the globe, how could we possibly manage to get all the students together to do this? Inspired by Ken Kragen’s “Hands Across America”, we then realized that if all these students who wanted to make a difference, participated in a movement, they wouldn’t necessarily need to be in the same place. Everyone could take a stand where they were, as long it was at the same time. Thus the idea for Stand4Change Day was born. dtl-stand4change

On May 2nd, 2012, the first Stand4Change Day took place with over 2 MILLION students around the globe, taking a stand in their schools and communities. They were alerting  those around them, that they would not stand for bullying behaviors. Since then, the number of students that have participated in Stand4Change Day each year has grown exponentially. This year, over 5 MILLION students will take part in this historic Stand4Change Day movement. These students represent every state in the United States, as well as 30 countries around the globe.

Friday, May 6th will be our 5th Annual Stand4Change Day and we hope that you and your school will join us in taking a stand against bullying, judgments, labels, stereotypes and any other issues that your school is facing. You can make sure your school is signed up at We are looking forward to taking a stand with you.

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