• Defeat the Label Students

    Do you see bullying at your school? Are you being bullied? Or are you just uncomfortable with the way your school feels? There are many things that you can do to help make your school a safer place for everyone. Treat everyone with respect. Reach out to people who need your help. If you see someone upset, ask if they are okay. Step in if you see someone being treated unfairly.

    Try not to judge people before you get to know them. Stop rumors and gossip when you hear them. Think before you post on social media or send a text about someone else. Defeat the Label recognizes that students working towards making their school a better place are called Upstander. Everyone can be an UPSTANDER!

  • How to React if you’re being Bullied?

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    • Tell the Person to Stop

      Often just saying stop or telling someone what they are doing or how they are treating you hurts, will get them to stop what they are doing. Use a calm and clear voice.

    • Walk Away

      Sometimes people are just trying to get a reaction from you. If you do not give them the satisfaction of reacting, often then will leave you alone. Don’t fight back or retaliate.

    • Tell an Adult

      Talk to an adult that you trust. It can be a teacher, principal, counselor, or parent. Tell someone what is happening and don’t keep it inside. It is NOT your fault.

  • Get Involved with Defeat the Label

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