Addressing Cyberbullying in the Classroom

March 3, 2016
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Cody Simpson

Although Cyberbullying happens outside the classroom, it can often carry over into the classroom resulting in behavior changes and problems among students. In some cases, students can become so worried about cyber bullying that it can begin to have an effect on their school work and even make them afraid to come to school.

Here are some ways you can address Cyberbullying in the classroom:

Discuss Cyberbullying- Create and maintain an open dialogue with your students about Cyberbullying including what it is and how it can happen. Students need to know that you are available for them to go to with a problem.

Behavior Changes- Watch for behavior changes in your students and if one is noticed, ask if there is something bothering them. Some students may be reluctant to ask for help but if offered, will take you up on it.

Teach Empathy- Students sometimes don’t realize how their words can affect another student. Help students look at something through someone else’s eyes. While one thing might not bother someone, it may bother someone else.

Reporting- Teach students that it is okay to report Cyberbullying. Students may be afraid to report Cyberbullying for many different reasons. They may fear that they will be called a “snitch” or that they will get made fun of by their peers. They may also be afraid that adults will take away or restrict their technology access.
Technology in the Classroom- By using technology in the classroom you can demonstrate the correct use of technology. Teaching students to use technology appropriately is better than allowing them figure it out on their own.

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