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What is Defeat the Label? The objective of Defeat the Label is simple, to create a movement. Defeat the Label strives to promote an inclusive, judgement-free society. We do this by working with schools, parents and YOU! Defeat the Label believes that in order to end bullying we have to put the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the students. All of Defeat the Labels programs from Stand4Change to the Bully App are designed around empowering students to take a stand in their schools and communities and say "Enough is enough, No more bullying in my school!"

Standing4Change has its Perks.

Join millions of students, and teachers and you and your school could win big!

The Defeat the Label Bully Reporting App.

How many times have you been bullied or seen someone else being bullied at school or on the bus and wanted to help or to let someone else know what is happening? We have an app for that! Defeat the Label and our awesome partners at Brilliant Chemistry are working on the anonymous bully reporting app, but we need your help!
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Take the Weekly Challenge

Have you ever wondered how you can Stand4Change in your own school, everyday? Take the Defeat the Label Weekly Challenge and make a difference in your own school today. Talk with other students from around the world, see what happened in other schools, share your stories and win some pretty sweet Defeat the Label gear!

DTL In Your School

Defeat the Label is more than just Stand4Change! Did you know there is a Defeat the Label School Curriculum, Defeat the Label student run clubs and Defeat the Label in Your School programming? All Defeat the Label content is availible for all grade levels and provides real world solutions to bullying problems that students face each and every day.

How would you defeat bullying?

We want to know! Defeat the Label believes that in order to put an end to bullying YOU have to stand up and speak out! That's right, we want your solutions on how to combat bullying. What do you think that teachers, parents and other students need to know? What do you think should happen to people who bully others?

Pledge. Unite. Transform.

Whether you're a student or an adult, you can Pledge and help put an end to bullying.

Take the Student Pledge
Take the Adult Pledge

Defeat the Label Gear

The sweet hoodies you see on Cody, Lauren Potter, and others? Yeah, we've got those. And tons more. Check out the Defeat the Label Shop, to find out how you can support Defeat the Label while also spreading the message.

Check Out These Sweet Pastry Kicks

Pastry Shoes is proud to partner with Defeat the Label in order to take a stand against bullying.

Defeat the Label Videos

Sure, you knew that Cody and Miley support Defeat the Label. But did you know that The Detroit Red Wings, Lauren Potter and "Funny or Die" do too? Check out the Defeat the Label videos and share them with your friends.
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